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CUE Days 2024 in Berlin!

Join us for 3 days of speakers, peer-to-peer sessions, and workshops tailored to the needs, wants, and wishes of our CUE community.

11.–13. November

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Once a year the global CUE community comes together at CUE Days to learn from each other, hear about the latest enhancements in CUE, and network across national borders.

CUE Days is a 3-day conference focusing on how the CUE enterprise platform serves its customers in the best possible way, by deep-diving into its latest innovations and discussing use cases in peer-to-peer sessions.

What is CUE Days?

“An amazing experience, with a lot of variety and, above all, courageous and interesting people. Thanks!!!”

Marko Keller

Feedback from earlier CUE Days events




Peer-to-peer sessions


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